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Your business world is rapidly changing and the pace of change
is increasing. Rather than be overwhelmed by the change,
you choose to be flexible and to quickly respond
to the challenges presented.

Cognis Consulting acts as a positive CATALYST
for change and growth.

When should you seek a CATALYST?

   A new business strategy has been announced and you
        need to build alignment and determine how you will
        execute your part.

   Your business goals require that you engage new people,         perspectives and information to design the way forward.

   You have a new team and want to build shared understanding
        and purpose.

   You've been wanting to make significant progress on a tough         problem and the time is right. You want to act quickly.

   You would like individual coaching and support as you address         your changing world.

For any of the above, and for many other reasons, you need a CATALYST:

An agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.

about cognis

Cognis Consulting is a professional business consulting firm
founded in 1996 and located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We specialize in helping individuals, groups and organizations thrive
in their rapid-paced business environment. Our services are designed to maximize the knowledge and experience that already exist and
to supplement with new perspective and information as needed.
Our fast-paced workshops enable clients to take big steps forward
and set a path for continued momentum.

We are experts at facilitating collaborative experiences to accelerate business results. By working together in carefully designed and managed professional CATALYST workshops, people can solve complex problems and create breakthrough solutions in a short period of time.

Our passion is creating peak experiences for workers:
intense sessions that get results and build new capabilities.

Nancy Dunnigan
Nancy is a founding partner of Cognis Consulting and is now its sole owner. She brings a multi-disciplinary perspective to her work, leveraging her experience in business management, law, social sciences and information technology. She is well versed in the artistry of change and is proficient in designing experiences that aid individuals and organizations in their transitions. Nancy is committed to continuous learning and growth for herself, her clients, her partners and associates.


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