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                                1 • catalyst workshops
                                2 • consulting
                                3 • coaching

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1 • catalyst workshops

CATALYST WORKSHOPS bring a structured process that is
customized to meet your specific needs and situation. 


   Design new products and services and create prototypes that         are ready for your business development process.

   Define new programs, design key features and develop         prototypes that are ready for development, testing
        and implementation.

   Create alignment and execute strategies -
         define a strategy map and balanced scorecard.

   Build momentum for organizational change by engaging people         in a dream summit or in an organizational design session.

   Build new ways of working together.

   Provide learning and development opportunity for individual
        and team development.

   Build your team - create shared understanding
        and an action plan for moving forward.

2 • consulting

CONSULTING SERVICES to provoke or speed significant change:

   Organizational change planning and execution.

   Organizational assessments - as you prepare for change and         post-change when desired benefits have not been achieved.

   Strategy alignment and execution.

3 • coaching

COACHING SERVICES for individual growth and development:

   Individual sessions with targeted development
        and growth objectives.




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